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Smart City Mobility Solution to Manage and Enforce Parking, tolls and public transit based on time, distance, location and speed







  • About Us

    Parkimon’s Smart City digital road pricing, parking, and high-speed LPR based enforcement solutions replace current capital-intensive technologies like physical meters, gates, kiosks, walking and chalking and car-by-car-by-car parking enforcement. Our platform not only offers municipalities innovative and next generation curb management but an exponential increase in revenues from parking and citations together with huge savings in already thin budgets.

    Build a meter-free city | Minimize traffic congestion | Enforce easily
    | Collect powerful data

  • Our Innovations

    “Parkimon’s satellite based road pricing, parking, and speed enforcement solutions can replace current capital-intensive technologies like meters, gantries, speed cameras, and toll booths. Our technology also provides a massive opportunity to reduce congestion in cities and freeways while serving to save lives and influence safer and more eco-friendly driving habits.”

Our Solutions

Disruptive research and innovation is not just what we do. Parkimon also provides practical state of the art asset-less electronic road pricing for parking and toll roads, payment systems unlike any other, big data analytics and much more.

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